Graphic design internship at a small innovative Ecuadorian entrepreneurship organization

Design and help building the image of a local entrepreneurship organization which focuses on the recovery of the cultural meaning of agave plant.

The project

More than 15 years ago, this project has carried out a series of investigations and tests to create products from the agave plant, in an environmentally, social and culturally responsible way.

 Agave plants grow in arid areas of the country and sometimes go unnoticed, but are actually very valuable plants, it was food in difficult times for the Andean populations, during the colonial period. It is productive from the root to the tip of its leaves.

The project objective is recover, document and disseminate the ancestral knowledge of this plant and its derivatives. With that idea in mind, they also created an agave museum, to share with people the ancestral meaning of agave and its products in an interactive and fun way, the tour ends with the agave products tasting.



8 weeks 

Summer 2020

(ask for more dates)


$1250 USD


Spanish level- Basic A2 

willing to improve


Role of the participant

Learn about the agave plant, its uses and the knowledge around it for the ancient cultures to be able to develop its brand, a usage manual and graphic design material for the organization.



Skills required

  • Creativeness
  • Organization
  • Graphic design (basic- medium)
  • Marketing knowledge (basic- medium)

What’s Included?





15 to 30 weekly hours


Local certificate of have successfully completed the internship


Cultural curriculum

includes cultural activities every week and a local buddy system.


Virtual platform

to be used for the internship tasks and cultural activities

Not Included


Spanish classes online

1 hour per day Mon-Friday (50 USD)

Sounds amazing? Want to be part of something important?

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