Get the opportunity to shadow doctors, learn all about the specialty you are interested in, assist in emergency care, interact with patients, take their vital signs, help in ambulances, assist in research projects, learn about first aid, give workshops in English to students and many more through the health projects we have to offer.   You can also choose to stay in Quito at regular hospitals or clinics or go to rural areas with a mobile clinic and provide health services and workshops to indigenous communities. Find out more about your volunteer/internship options here.


Ecuador has everything to offer to people seeking to learn and apply their knowledge in the business area. There has been a boom of projects and industries in the country within the past years; numbers show that Ecuador’s growth has been stable and good, expecting to grow at 5% on 2015.

Also, living conditions in urban, but especially in rural areas, have improved. An important part of this is due to the initiatives that are held in different communities within the country, which seek to reach a sustainable development for their own population, improving their living conditions and alleviating poverty using their knowledge, technics and skills, and that has been passed from generation to generation, but that now has become a new source of income. Be part of this experience assisting community members, helping them look for potential markets, use technological tools, learn about the insights of an NGO, always with the belief that service to society is the mainstay on which a productive and happy community is based. Find out more about your volunteer/internship options here.

Make your dream Ecuador Experience a reality!