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From Amazonian rainforest and the stunning heights of the Andes – Ecuador may be small, but it has an incredible array of things to keep you excited!

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Why Ecuador?

Ecuador has a unique combination of natural beauty, intriguing history and vibrant culture. You can have breakfast on the coast, lunch in the Andes and dinner in the Amazon.

Our Mission

To enable meaningful experiences for international students in Ecuadorian universities and institutions of higher education, interns in professional placements and volunteers in collaborative projects focused on the sustainable social, environmental and economic development of Ecuador.

Why EcuaExplora?

We are focused on enabling meaningful experiences in Ecuador for students, interns and volunteers from other countries, sharing the local culture and exploring the fascinating culture and nature this country has to offer. Ecua Explora offer a diverse range of projects in Ecuador to meet your needs.

How to apply

  • STEP 1

Consult with the EcuaExplora team by email, through our ‘Information request’ form or by arranging a callback to decide on your perfect placement.

  • STEP 2

Complete our online application form here. A Ecua Explora representative will then contact you to guide you thorugh the next steps.

  • STEP 3

Submit a non-refundable deposit of $200 to secure your placement on the chosen project.

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Recent participant quote

In early childhood education major we are constantly around kids, all the time…we are always in the school, we always see children learning, but it’s different, this has been different for me. It’s been a lesson in diversity, yes. But it reminds me that all children have that ability to want to learn. The biggest eye-opener for me is that all children have the ability to want to learn and it’s right to have that ability.

Past Participant

Special projects in Ecuador

Our special projects are carefully crafted to give you the most caried experience whilst in Ecuador. Choose from one of the 3 suggested itineraries below.

Business projects in Ecuador Itinerary 

Be part of this 9 days / 8 nights program and learn about the insights of small and medium local companies in Ecuador. Increase your skills to participate effectively in global business environments developing a sense of global citizenship. Develop your global awareness, engagement and knowledge by participating in this high-quality program! Read more here

Environmental projects in Ecuador Itinerary 

Spend a week in Ecuador, learn and explore biodiversity, nature, ecosystems, conservation, being in on of the 17th most biodiverse countries in the world. You’ll experience the Andean, Amazon and Coastal region in 9 days/8 nights in a program specifically made for people interested in environmental studies and conservation. Don’t miss this opportunity! Read more here

Volunteer Itinerary 

Whether you are interested in volunteering in social, conservation or community projects, we have the perfect volunteer opportunities for you. Come to this multiethnic biodiverse country, get involved in our social development program enhancing educational levels of working kids, immerse yourself into nature and be part of our wild life rescue center program or get involved in a community program focused on organic agriculture and local home made products. Read more here

Recent Ecua Explora blog posts

Traditional festivities: Diablada de Píllaro

Traditional festivities: Diablada de Píllaro

What you need to know about Diablada de Pillaro The "diablada" or devils party is celebrated in the town of Píllaro, province of Tungurahua, from January 1 to 6 of each year, each day a different neighborhood get organized to present their parade on the main streets...

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Cloud Forest Conservation Project – The Arrival Experience

Cloud Forest Conservation Project – The Arrival Experience

New volunteer joins us in the cloud forest "should my wife calls looking for me, tell her not to worry, but I do not want to be found… (until my placement ends that is)" Last week, we had a new volunteer join our volunteer placement on a reserve in the cloud forest....

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Make your dream Ecuador Experience a reality with any one of our culturally immersive Volunteer and Internship projects in Ecuador!

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