This space is dedicated to sharing the inspiring stories behind these products that are welcoming you to Ecuador. This gift serves as a testament to our country’s rich biodiversity, cultural heritage, and the sustainable initiatives of local communities and organizations. It is also an invitation to learn more about us and the programs we support here.

We hope you enjoy these products and discover more about us while indulging in them. 

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The Ecuadorian Chocó bioregion

The Ecuadorian Chocó bioregion is recognized as one of the 36 biodiversity hotspots worldwide. Additionally, it is a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve and is renowned for its exceptionally high rates of endemism. Despite its relatively small size, this region stands as the richest terrestrial biodiversity hotspot on the planet. It is home to an astounding 15–17 percent of the world’s plant species and nearly 20 percent of its bird diversity. And is in this area where two delicious products are produced!

Marmalades from the cloud forest

Through time, this community has been engaged in a variety of resource extraction activities, being one of the latest ones related to logging and charcoal production, with detrimental effects on the local ecosystem. 

However, approximately 25 years ago, recognizing the negative impact of these practices, this community made a paradigm shift. They decided to transition away from extractive industries and embrace more sustainable livelihoods to, as they say, really “live well’. This marked the beginning of their journey towards conservation and community tourism, a decision that would transform their landscape and livelihoods.

Today, they stand as a beacon of success in community tourism in Ecuador. One notable initiative they undertook is the production of jams. This initiative not only contributes to the economic independence of women within the community but also honors their invaluable contributions, which were often overlooked in the past. By crafting these delicious jams, using locally sourced fruits, the community respects the natural cycle of growth and harvest, ensuring sustainability for future generations.

Mashpi Chocolate

cacao beansMashpi is also located in the Chocó bioregion. It encompasses not just a river and a valley, but also a vibrant community united in a family project that includes neighbors. Over a decade ago, they embarked on a mission to conserve and restore the forest, driven by their commitment to creating a healthy and sustainable environment.

Their journey led them to embrace regenerative agriculture and forestry systems, aimed at revitalizing the national fine aroma cocoa, renowned as one of the world’s best. They harmonize their daily activities with the natural rhythms of the environment, striving to understand and restore the delicate cycles of soil, water, and the ecosystem.  At the heart of their approach lies permaculture, offering them the tools to transform society into a more equitable and harmonious coexistence with all beings on our planet.

Social projects

Fruit tea

This fruit tea comes from a remarkable educational endeavor devoted to fostering connections with individuals who have intellectual and developmental disabilities, mainly young adults with Down syndrome and autism. Through the transformative power of arts, especially music, this organization has achieved significant milestones in empowering its students and facilitating their integration into modern society. Furthermore, the project provides invaluable support and empathy to the families of its students.

A fundamental component of their mission is occupational therapy, designed to equip students with the skills essential for future economic independence. The tea you are about to savor has been thoughtfully crafted by the students themselves, utilizing ingredients from the foundation’s garden. From cultivation and harvest to tea processing, students actively engage in each phase of production. Moreover, they play an integral role in promoting the tea, showcasing their talents within a dedicated space at the foundation.


We hope you enjoy these products and let the adventure begin!