Why EcuaExplora?

EcuaExplora is the leading provider of study, intern and volunteer opportunities in Ecuador. Its objective is to share the local culture by providing opportunities for students, interns and volunteers from other countries to come and explore the rich environment and fascinating culture of the Ecuadorian nation.

Ecuador is one of those rare destinations in the world that seems to have the unique combination of natural beauty, intriguing history, and vibrant culture. You can have breakfast on the coast, lunch in the Andes, and dinner in the Amazon. Nestled along the Equator in the northwest corner of the South American continent, much of the country still remains wild and uncharted. It is home to the highest active volcano in the world, pristine Pacific beaches, and virgin tropical rainforests as well as ancient Incan history now echoed through the lively Ecuadorian culture. Ecuador is marked by its diversity.


Our Philosophy

To provide opportunities to learn about the culture, the people, the geography, and the socio-economic realities of Ecuador within an atmosphere of mutual respect and to foster reflection upon participant experiences to breed responsible, global citizens who act to improve the world we share.

Conscious reflection among participants and strong consideration for sustainable, collaborative project work on the part of the provider will facilitate both personal and community development.


Our Mission

To make it possible for international students, interns and volunteers to have meaningful experiences studying in Ecuadorian universities and institutions of higher education, interning in professional placements throughout Ecuador, and volunteering in collaborative projects focused on the sustainable social and economic development of Ecuador.

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