Getting sick at the Animal Rescue Centre

Yesterday was a scary day in the land of the project… sick people were everywhere I turned! And that tickle in the back of my throat? It’s starting to get worse.. nooo! I refuse to be sick!

The frustrating part about getting sick here is that you can’t work with the animals because if they get sick from you it can possibly kill them. So when you’re sick, all there is to do is sleep.. hmm maybe being sick isn’t THAT bad after all?

Besides the sick people being everywhere, I had a pretty good standard day. In the morning it was torrential down pour and looked like it was never going to let up! We did our rounds and during the rounds I had a monkey pee on me, which actually wasn’t sooo bad because it was a squirrel monkey (so it was smaller) and I was dressed head to toe in rain gear.

Afterwards in the afternoon I got the lovely task of working on the loooong “to do list” with Lena which consisted of re-building a latter! Thats right, handy Heidi over here just grabbed some bamboo, sawed it up and nailed it all back together by the time everyone was ready for the last rounds! You should’ve seen the grin on my face when I was finished – so proud!

Afterwards I spent a looot of time on my phone figuring out how to use Skype (oh yah by the way – I have skype now! Yay!). I skyped with friends and family back at hone until dinner time and it was a fabulous feeling being able to see some familiar faces.

*Find the time*
The time to read,
To smell the flowers,
To paint your dreams,
To have coffee with a friend,
To learn a new craft,
To write a letter,
To bake a surprise cake,
To go somewhere special,
To REALLY be with the person you love,
Or even to do nothing for a while…