Social Community Development

Ecuador is a multiethnic and multicultural nation of 14 million people, mixture of influences from Spanish conquerors, with the ancestral traditions of pre-Columbian people; here, 14 nationalities and 20 indigenous tows inhabit and 10 different languages are spoken, making of Ecuador a country rich in culture, traditions, ancestral legacies and languages, which manifest themselves in all aspects of daily life.

When choosing to participate in one of our projects, you’ll not only be helping to alleviate poverty, enhance educational levels or give love to an orphan kid; you’ll be sharing your life and being with other people and, in return, you’ll become part of their lives, sharing their culture, traditions and customs.

If your purpose is to get involved in a project where you can get to know the culture and the people in depth, our projects provide you the best opportunities to reach your goals with a meaningful experience.

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