Educational activities creation internship for kids with cancer

Work creating and running activities and workshops for a foundation for kids with cancer and their families

The project

This foundation open their doors on 2004, with the goal to transform the life of the kids diagnosed with cancer and build a more sensitive, respectful and conscious society. 

They have projects in five areas: research, education, emotional health, sports and recreation.

Year round, some usual activities are: computer classes, robotic classes, entrepreneurship workshops for the moms or other family members. During the kids vacations they work on a summer camp and prepare a theater play with them.

 At the office there is also planning work at the office, activities´coordination, fundraising, and support to the research projects. 



8 weeks 

Summer 2020

(ask for more dates)


$1250 USD


Spanish level- Basic A1 

willing to improve


Role of the participant

Develop videos or online workshops for kids of the foundation, english classes, songs, crafts making (with material they have at home), any kind of workshop kids can do from home without expensive materials.


Skills required

  • Creativeness
  • Organization
  • Patience
  • Research skill
  • Curiosity
  • Passion for learning and teaching

What’s Included?





15 to 30 weekly hours


Local certificate of have successfully completed the internship


Cultural curriculum

includes cultural activities every week and a local buddy system.


Virtual platform

to be used for the internship tasks and cultural activities

Not Included


Spanish classes online

1 hour per day Mon-Friday (50 USD)

Sounds amazing? Want to be part of something important?

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