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Work with the preservation of turtle species such as Hawbill turtles, Grean Sea turtles and Olive Ridleys and different Shark species. Also, work with a sea turtle egg hatchery program and environmental educational programs at the local communities.

The project

This non-profit organization’ main purpose is the conservation of the marine biodiversity.  It works together and under the supervision of the Ministry of Environment of Ecuador. As a result of this great teamwork, important achievements in conservations terms have been noticed.
This volunteer project is ideal for people interested in the conservation of marine ecosystems. The organization works with the preservation turtle species such as Hawbill turtles (Ertmochelys imbricate), Grean Sea turtles (Chelonia mydas), and Olive Ridleys (Lepidochelys olivacea) and different Shark species.  It also works with a sea turtle egg hatchery program in La Isla de la Plata.

It is necessary to work with the community and transmit the results of scientific research in order to do conservation activities effectively. Another main objective of this project is to educate people living in the central coast about the importance of conservation, protection, and preservation projects respecting the environment.

Get the opportunity to live on the coast!  During your time you will also get the opportunity to work at the organizations other location for 8 days.  You will get to see another area and stay in Cabins.



Project available year-round. 1 to 6 months durations available.



2 weeks – $1360
1 month – $1830
2 months – $2770
3 months – $3710
Each extra week  – $235

Location details

The project location is coastal. Accomodation is at the volunteer house.  No meals are included



Basic Spanish, must be 18 and over, with valid passport and health insurance

Itinerary Sample

In this project, volunteers work day, evening and night, are rotating rounds. It will depend on the season they come. If it is turtle season, is a 12 hour work, including patrolling especially at night.

Each day will have 1 hour for lunch.



Role of the volunteer

Anyone who recognizes the necessity to conserve our natural resources for the future is encouraged to join this effort.  One of its main objectives is to travel to the Isla de la Plata and stay for around 2 days at a time supervising the area and taking action for the conservation of its habitats.  Also, every Saturday Volunteers and Interns will be doing different activities such as beach and marine floor cleaning in Puerto Lopez and its surroundings, planning activities for local school children, planning of environmental education activities for schools in the town and planning and execution of communication and diffusion activities of different environmental topics to the local communities. In addition, volunteers often contribute with ideas for possible communication campaigns of help execute active campaigns.

Activities include, diurnal and nocturnal patrols of beaches inside and outside the nearby National park, measurement and tagging of sea turtles, egg counting and nest tagging and egg transfers to an egg hatchery site (if required).  Also, volunteers may participate in Installation of transmitters on turtle’s shells, telemetry activities onboard a boat and capturing and recapturing of turtles in the sea. Activities with the community include beach cleaning, construction of small gardens and excursions to the National Park.  This program also has been working with elementary schools in the construction of murals and gardens. There is much more to be done and the ideas and suggestions of our volunteers are always welcome.



Skills required

This internship is geared towards individuals with a desire to work with the preservation of ecosystems, enviromental education and willingness to learn and help mother nature.

What’s Included?



Available during the length of the project (Either at the project or local homestay families with 2 meals included)


Transfer from Quito to project



Local cell phone is included with a refundable deposit of $50


Aiport pick-up/ drop-off

Ecua Explora staff ready to transport you


Support 24 hours

On the ground Ecua Explora staff available


First weekend accomodation

In a hostal in Quito with breakfast



(includes city tour and lunch)

Not Included


Meals not specified


Transportation to/from the homestay to the project each day


Optional extras

Add $70 for day excursion upon arrival.
Add $50 per week for 6h Spanish classes if in Quito.

Sounds amazing? Want to be part of something important?

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