Environmental education for kids

Support an agro-ecological farm at the cloud forest, focused on conservation and sustainable development with environmental education

The project

The reserve was acquired in 1984 and began working towards the conservation of the cloud forest. Since then, adventure tourism activities had been developed, environmental education programs, organic agriculture, biological surveys and other related activities that support the work plan on the reserve. The volunteer program has been running since 2008. Participants carry out different activities on the reserve and in the local community. The projects and activities are not only done within the reserve, but also, the volunteers take part in activities that promote the social and economic development of the community, along with the help of other organizations.

This organization is a non-lucrative conformed by a group of people with a vast professional experience, engaged with the conservation and sustainable management of natural resources. Its mission is to contribute to the maintenance and restoration of natural ecosystems, their resources and biodiversity for future generations through the diffusion of productive activities that are compatible with nature, supporting values of social equity and respect for natural and cultural diversity.



8 weeks 

Summer 2020

(ask for more dates)


$1250 USD


Spanish level, basic user A2- willing to improve


Role of the participant

Environmental online education for kids at rural community. Creating modules of environmental education, workshops and crafts. All online. Learn about sustainable agriculture and tourism activities of the community



Skills required

  • Creativeness
  • Organization
  • Patience
  • Research skill
  • Curiosity
  • Passion for learning and teaching

What’s Included?





15 to 30 weekly hours


Local certificate of have successfully completed the internship


Cultural curriculum

includes cultural activities every week and a local buddy system.


Virtual platform

to be used for the internship tasks and cultural activities

Not Included


Spanish classes online

1 hour per day Mon-Friday (50 USD)

Sounds amazing? Want to be part of something important?

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