Marketing at a conservation NGO

Help this conservation NGO to continue with their work and attract more volunteers and donations

The project

Private reserve located in the coast of Ecuador, with the original purpose of protecting a hummingbird specie, which is critically endangered and inhabits just in this small area. Although work is still being carried out to preserve this species, one of the most important works is the Great Green Macaw subspecie (Ara ambiguus guayaquilensis) reintroduction. This specie is critically endangered as well, with less than thirty (30) individuals in wild.

The species became extinct from this area more than fifty years ago. The goal is to establish a wild population in the reserve and its surroundings with the support of foundation and parks which work with captive breeding macaws; and in this way, create corridors so that the species can move within a less restricted area.

The project work is done both in the maintenance of the aviary, cleaning of cages, feeding and monitoring of the birds; as in environmental education and community awareness. 

Between June and September each year, whales come to visit the Ecuatorian coasts, so you´ll be able to watch them jump and dance, from October to February, turtle´s nesting season is here, and you will work at the nest monitoring and relocation.



8 weeks 

Summer 2020

(ask for more dates)


$1250 USD


Spanish level- NONE


Role of the participant

Marketing planning, promotional content to attract more volunteers (videos, posters, brochures)



Skills required

  • Creativeness
  • Organization
  • Marketing knowledge (basic- medium)
  • Social media

What’s Included?





15 to 30 weekly hours


Local certificate of have successfully completed the internship


Cultural curriculum

includes cultural activities every week and a local buddy system.


Virtual platform

to be used for the internship tasks and cultural activities

Not Included


Spanish classes online

1 hour per day Mon-Friday (50 USD)

Sounds amazing? Want to be part of something important?

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