Soccer sports intern to work with kids and adults in Quito

Work at a well-known soccer school in Quito that works with students of different ages

The project

In 2016, the soccer academy was created with the aim of promoting soccer in a comprehensive way. That girls, boys and teenagers can practice soccer as a physical, technical, and tactical sport,  giving priority to the values, self-improvement, teamwork, motivation, effort, compliance with rules; encouraging them to achieve their goals.

It is directed by a soccer player with more than 11 years of career in professional leagues, in addition to his experience in child and youth leagues.


8 weeks 

Summer 2020

(ask for more dates)


$1250 USD


Spanish level- non required


Role of the participant

Help its owners preparing on-line routine classes related to soccer but, most specially about physical strength and boxing for kids and adults. Also, help them with the analysis of past international soccer match to be used in classes.



Skills required

  • Creativeness
  • Organization
  • Patience
  • Class prepare and organization
  • Sports & health

What’s Included?





15 to 30 weekly hours


Local certificate of have successfully completed the internship


Cultural curriculum

includes cultural activities every week and a local buddy system.


Virtual platform

to be used for the internship tasks and cultural activities

Not Included


Spanish classes online

1 hour per day Mon-Friday (50 USD)

Sounds amazing? Want to be part of something important?

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