If you are a studying or know about music, dance, photography, illustration, graphic design, drawing and/or painting, you could immerse yourself in projects related with Ecuadorian Andean landscapes paintings, children and other Ecuadorian thematic designs, as well as travelling through Ecuador taking pictures of its nature, animals, vegetation, texture or even teaching art and photography.

There are also programs focused on social aspects, such as enhancing the cognitive aspects of kids and young adults with special needs through plastic arts, dance and music; where you will find out that nothing is as satisfying as being able to receive a selfless smile or a fraternal embrace at the end of the day. Find out more about your volunteer/internship options here.



Education in Ecuador has experienced a strong growth with significant achievements such as reducing adult illiteracy and the incorporation of more children in the school system, particularly from the poor segments of society. There is now greater equality in access and retention by groups traditionally marginalized in education such as women, indigenous groups and individuals with special needs.

By working in these projects, you will have the opportunity to interact with Ecuadorian people of all ages, understanding their concerns, interests, ways of looking at the world, as well as improve your public speaking skills and strengthen your vocation as an educator; but, most important, you will have the opportunity to provide others with one of the strongest tools to eradicate poverty: education. Your knowledge can be applied in different areas such as English, math, computer sciences, environment and many more. Find out more about your volunteer/internship options here.

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